Neurosonic treatment increases parasympathetic activity and this can generally contribute to overall recovery. Based on customer feedback commissioned by Neurosonic, after starting to use Neurosonic, a stressed person is often able to fall asleep more easily, and waking up at night, which causes wakefulness, is reduced or may stop completely.

How does stress affect our body?

In a negative and long-lasting stress state, the human body does not work in a "normal" way. Stress is always a threat, causing the body to go into "fight or flight" mode. Physiologically, this means an overactivation of the HPA axis between the brain and the adrenal cortex. The body constantly produces too much cortisol, which is a neurotransmitter related to survival. Adrenaline levels are also too high.

Physical stress can cause vague and unexplained psychophysical pains, stomach symptoms, insomnia and anxiety. Long-term stress can lead to depression through neurotransmitter changes, psychological pressure and reduced sleep quality. Most of the time, we experience stress as a psychological phenomenon, and we don't necessarily think that stress is mostly a physiological imbalance affecting our body. The most important function of the body is to maintain life, and any activity that threatens it causes stress reactions in us in an individual way.

 Vibration has several effects in stress relief.

The effect of vibration is easily measurable and can be seen e.g. as a decrease in heart rate, increase in heart rate variation, relaxation of muscles, possible alleviation of headaches, and recovery of bowel function.

Low-frequency vibration treatment can help "clear the head", effectively relaxing while improving the state of alertness. Anxiety, restlessness and tension can be alleviated, in which case it is also possible to improve psychological functioning. When stress decreases, the mind can open up a lane for different experiences and creativity.

Neurosonic has been found to be useful in workplaces, for example. The stressful factors do not necessarily change, but thanks to the treatment, you can gain more flexibility in handling them, and therefore they may not burden you in the same way anymore.

Pain caused by stress can be alleviated.

Pain can be the result of muscle tension produced by prolonged stress and lack of sleep, as well as changes in the functioning of the central nervous system, tissue blood circulation and fluid circulation. It is typical for stress-related pains that no physiological fault can be found to explain them, despite investigations.

Based on the abundant customer feedback collected by Neurosonic, the technology seems to have a quick and favorable effect on various pain conditions. The vibration relaxes the muscles, which improves blood circulation and oxygenation, and at the same time, muscle pain and unexplained pains caused by stress can be alleviated.ä.

Physical stress must be dealt with by physical means.

In order to get rid of physical stress, the imbalance in the body must be affected physiologically. Influence through thinking is often a much slower process, which is due to the structures of our brain, primarily the connections between the limbic system and the cerebral cortex and the frontal lobes of the brain. When the body is calmed down by means of external stimulation, it can be much easier to change the way you think about stressors..

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