Neurosonic treatment has a calming effect on the autonomic nervous system and mind through the body. The production of stress hormones decreases, allowing sleep-related mechanisms to be repaired. The person calms down and falling asleep can become easier. Nocturnal awakenings can decrease and sleep can become better quality and more restorative. 

Periods of deep sleep and REM sleep may increase.

According to feedback, Neurosonic treatment increases deep sleep periods and REM sleep in most cases. Several begin to have more dreams. About 80% of those who use Neurosonic benefit significantly in just 1-5 times and get help with sleep disorders.

According to the customer feedback collected by Neurosonic, it would seem that the vibration also affects the functioning of the body's internal circadian clock, causing sleep-restoring periods to move more into the early night, where they should naturally be.

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