The constant flood of information and rush of the surrounding life burdens each of us in one way or another.

Relaxation floating enables a quick and efficient way to reach a deeply relaxed state. Floating can act as a shortcut to reach a meditative state, where the body and mind get complete rest from stimuli.

The flotation tank is therefore a unique and sensory-free space where you can feel your body free from the influence of gravity. Every single muscle in the body can rest and relax. When floating in body-warm salt water, the body that "disappears" can reach complete rest, and the mind also naturally strives towards a meditative state.

Floating can release substances in the body that reduce stress and pain. In this relaxed state, the brain has the opportunity to focus on facilitating and speeding up the body's self-care.

A relaxed mind is easier to let go of worries and thinking about the past and future. When we manage to get into the here and now, the brain and mind also get the rest they need

 The ability to relax is a skill and floating is a great way to learn this state, after which it can be more easily accessible outside of floating as well.

Try it yourself and feel the effects of floating on your own well-being.