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Health benefits based on studies

Extensive research data supports the positive effects of vibration on metabolism and health, as well as the possibilities of use for reducing the effects of stress, improving the quality of sleep, and holistically promoting recovery and health. Research evidence is also supported by thousands of satisfied customer feedbacks accumulated since 2011.

Sleep, stress management and recovery are global interests and wellness megatrends. The attention they receive has guided research to also find out the effects of vibration therapy on health and well-being. We believe that vibration therapy will be the next major health promoter. That's why we want to present the studies, in the light of which we recommend you to use the Neurosonic method to promote your own health and well-being.

 How does Neurosonic work?

Neurosonic – relaxation devices produce very low-frequency vibrations that have a calming effect on the autonomic nervous system. It guides the body into a meditation-like state, where the stress state is alleviated, recovery is enhanced and the healthy mechanisms of sleep are repaired. Different effects are achieved in different power and frequency ranges: For example, relaxing and restorative programs help an athlete or a stressed person to recover faster, and activating programs increase alertness and prepare the body for the upcoming performance.

Studies : of Neurosonic as an alleviator of sleep disorders.

A study on the effects of Neurosonic low-frequency therapy on the sleep quality of patients suffering from primary insomnia, conducted at the Helsinki sleep clinic (year 2013) under the leadership of sleep researcher Markku Partinen, mapped the sleep disorders of 16 people using a randomized comparison trial. Sleep actigraphy measurements showed a significant decrease in movement during sleep, which directly correlates with deeper sleep. Surveys related to the study also found significant changes in anxiety and fear states, which can significantly disrupt sleep. 70% of the examined persons received help in five treatment sessions, which significantly reduced anxiety, obsessive-compulsive symptoms and fearful states.

Heli Haapaniemi's research (year 2013) focused on the effects of the Neurosonic method in the treatment of stress and sleep disorders. The study was based on Neurosonic chair treatment sets, evaluation of subjective sensations and biosignal measurements, which measured the electrical activity of the heart (EEG, EMG and ECG). Based on the research data, it can be concluded that the method affected the functioning of the autonomic nervous system by increasing the activity of the parasympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system that promotes recovery. This was also noticeable from the heart rate variability results, which indicated that the subjects were more relaxed after the research period than before.

Studies ::

Neurosonic as a recovery promoter

A study conducted by Veera Ikonen (year 2013) examined the acute effects of the Neurosonic low-frequency method on variables describing physiological and subjective recovery. The study measured the immediate effects of the Neurosonic method after sports training on resting heart rate, heart rate variability, blood lactic acid concentration, the feeling of recovery and the quality of the next night's sleep. As a summary of the research results, it can be stated that even a single Neurosonic treatment seems to have a positive effect on the activation of the recovery nervous system and recovery from physical stress.

The vibration affects the immune system and reduces inflammation

There are preliminary studies showing that whole body vibration reduces inflammation in the intestines and achieves the same type of metabolic benefits as exercise. According to one study, exercise and vibration both increase muscle mass and insulin sensitivity, especially in overweight individuals. Whole body vibration also affects the immune system and increases the amount of cytokines that reduce inflammation. There is research evidence that, among other things, anxiety can be partially caused by the wrong kind of microbial population in the gut, and that balanced microbial activity in the gut can mitigate, among other things, negative stress reactions. tutkimusnäyttöä siitä, että muun muassa ahdistuneisuus voi johtua osittain suoliston vääränlaisesta mikrobikannasta sekä siitä, että tasapainoinen mikrobitoiminta suolistossa voi lieventää muun muassa negatiivisia stressireaktioita.


According to the study, vibration also promotes glucose tolerance and kidney function, which reduce inflammatory factors and reduce neuropathy of the peripheral nervous system. Vibration also seems to have an effect on body composition, bone density and the amount of fat in the body.

According to research and customer feedback, everything points to the fact that inflammatory conditions in the intestines and muscles are reduced due to the vibration. At the same time, the body's immunity level increases, which has positive effects in the prevention and treatment of several diseases, such as MS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and fibromyalgia.

 Neurosonic is not a medical device

Although there is already plenty of research evidence and subjective customer experiences about the preventive and curative effect of vibration therapy, Neurosonic is not a medical device.

However, we would like to emphasize that Neurosonic does not replace medical treatment prescribed by a doctor, nor does it remove the real root cause of musculoskeletal disorders. However, it can well serve as a form of support alongside medical treatments, for example to improve the quality of sleep. Although the subject has not yet been studied for Neurosonic, we have a lot of information through customer experiences about Neurosonic's effect on revitalizing metabolism and blood circulation.

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