Neurosonic relaxes the body effectively. The effect that enhances recovery is based on changes in the functioning of the autonomic nervous system. 

Recovery is both physical and mental.

Vibration has been proven to accelerate recovery. Heart rate variability increases, which is a significant factor in the progress of physical recovery.

Mental or physical override, overfit and recovery problems are felt in the body as fatigue, pain, physical and mental strain, anxiety, muscle tension, restlessness and possibly a flow of thoughts that is difficult to interrupt.

Overexertion and problems with recovery are often a sign of a physical stress state, as well as a disorder of the autonomic nervous system. In general, the problems described above are also associated with some degree of disturbances in falling asleep and staying asleep.

Excessive physical training compared to little rest or just mentally heavy work can cause nervous overactivity. This cycle should be broken as early as possible, because if prolonged, the symptoms usually also require a longer recovery time.

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