In the lack of sensory stimuli of relaxation floating, the brain and mind can more easily enter a deeply relaxed and meditative state.

In Studies among other things, floating has been found to reduce the amount of the stress hormone cortisol, lower blood pressure, and reduce pain.

When sight, hearing and tactile sensations are removed, the mind can achieve complete rest from stimuli. In a deeply relaxed state, substances are released in the body that reduce perceived stress and anxiety.

A relaxed mind is easier to let go of worries and thinking about the past and future. When we manage to get into the state of being in the here and now, the brain and mind also get the rest they need.

The deeply relaxed state made possible by floating can help the mind to open up avenues to enhance creative thinking, learning and visualization abilities, and problem solving. In addition to reducing stress and anxiety, many people find floating to be a very useful and effective way for imagery training, and the development of various creative works and hobbies among other things.

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