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Familiarization packages are personal and can only be used once per person. Familiarization packages are valid for 6 months. The introductory package can also be given as a gift.

The floating tank's sensory-free environment is a completely new and never-before-experienced space for a first-timer.

Like any new thing, floating also requires getting used to, and the first few times can be more or less getting used to the new enviroment. For some, floating enables a "perfect" relaxing and pleasant experience right from the first time, while for others it may take more time to get used to it.

We are by no means saying that floating is the most wonderful thing in the world for everyone, but we recommend a three-time introductory package precisely because we feel it is a sufficient amount to introduce you to a new environment.

Floating, like any new thing, requires a certain kind of practice and with repetitions you will be able to get more out of your floating experience and its benefits. Although every float is different, it is often easier to navigate in a destination that has been visited before.

Because we strongly believe that more visits enable you to benefit more. We have priced our 3-time introductory package in such a way that trying the service is also more affordable for you in terms of total costs than if you buy only one visit.

The total duration of the deeprelaxation package is 2 hours.

The treatments of the deep relaxation package begin with a relaxing Neurosonic low-frequency vibration treatment. Neurosonic treatment cuts off the hurries of everyday life and acts as effective relaxation, calming the body and mind.

The Neurosonic treatment therefore functions as a preparatory treatment and method before moving to floating. Thus, it enables you to reach a deeply relaxed state more easily and quickly even during your float.