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You can pay for a one-time visit (Deep Relaxation package and floating) on ​​site or in our online store. When paying on the spot, all you have to do is book a time that suits you and arrive there.

In our calendar, appointments are always 2 hours long.

When you make an appointment for just a relaxation float, the duration of the visit is 1.5 hours with instructions, of which the float itself takes an hour. In addition to floating, 30 minutes have been reserved for you, so that you have time to take a shower before and after your float, and get dressed without haste.

When you come to us, you don't need anything with you. We have towels, high-quality domestic and organic Taiga Cosmetics cosmetic products, and everything else you need, except makeup.

Before your float, you can choose a warm drink for yourself from our list, which we will serve you after your float. You can enjoy a drink completely unhurriedly in our lounge after your float, you can stay in the lounge for as long as you want. We recommend that you do not book yourself an urgent trip immediately after floating.