Deeprelaxing time for yourself

We have developed our deep relaxation package, as the name suggests, to enable you to have a comprehensive deeply relaxing and unique treatment experience.

We are the only place in Northern Finland that offers a combination of relaxation floatation and Finnish Neurosonic low-frequency vibration therapy.


Floating does not require any special preparation from you. However, here are some tips to ensure a comfortable floating experience.

We recommend eating lightly before floating. You should avoid caffeine a few hours before floating.

Removing bodyhair just before floating should be avoided, as the epsom salt may cause a burning sensation.

Before your float, you can choose a warm drink from our list, which we will serve to you after your float. You can enjoy your drink completely unhurried in our relaxing lounge after your float. You can stay in our lounge for as long as you want after your float. We recommend that you don't book yourself any urgent things right after the float, so that you may enjoy the post-float glow in peace.

When you come to us, you don't have to bring anything. We have towels, high-quality Finnish organic cosmetic products, and everything else you may need, except makeup.

We recommend floating without a swimsuit and removing all jewelry, as the goal is to minimize all sensations, including the sense of touch. This is more successful when the skin is not in contact with anything. Nevertheless, wearing a swimsuit is not prohibited.

We wish you a pleasant journey.